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Tuesday, 23 December 2014 15:06

Dustin Helms

Hello everyone, my name is Dustin Helms, and this is my testimony...

25 June 2007, being a responsible adult I decide to see how fast my motorcycle could go (on a public highway). My friends went ahead in a car to film me and as I was on the on ramp I felt something like a tap on the shoulder and I guess I would call it a voice tell me I am about to do something stupid and should ask for some help. This was my first time praying, but I asked God to look after me for a few minutes because I was doing something dumb. Less than 1 minute later, approximately 1 mile from that on ramp I rode through a deer at 170mph. I rode through it, parked my bike and called my insurance company. It doesn't hurt to pray.

I returned from Seoul 5 September 2014. My last day there I experienced a problem of uncontrolled bleeding. Luckily I was visiting friends of mine who are highly skilled medical professionals. I told one of them about my problem and very sternly they told me that I would make it to New York but to go straight to the hospital immediately upon arrival. They seemed really concerned. I went to the hospital when I arrived and received some testing and I was informed that I might have a form of cancer. I had to wait a few days to be seen again and have more tests done.

The next day I was at Greeley Square, the area on 32nd/Broadway with the chairs and benches, listening to music with my eyes closed. I have been going here for quite a few years and never had a single conversation with another person. It's why I kept going back. Just moments after I closed my eyes I felt a similar tap on the shoulder and voice phenomenon. This time I telling me I should open my eyes, someone is right in front of me trying to get my attention. I opened my eyes and there was Jina, right in front of me trying to get my attention.

Shortly after went to MMC with an open mind, curious why she decided to pick me and see what this place was about. I informed her of my dilemma. Her suggestion was that we pray for me to be healed. I remembered my motorcycle accident and decided to try it. Praying hasn't hurt me before.

The next day I received more tests. The doctor showed me what was seen just a few days ago and what he saw now. The cause for concern, and my problem, were completely gone. This took a few days to set in but opened my eyes.

Zoe initially seemed a little outside my comfort zone. I was reluctant to go. A few people asked me if I was going and when I said no they respected my response and didn't ask more. Luckily, however, I was in a conversation with Jenny Kim when she asked why I wasn't going. It doesn't seem like a radical question but I really didn't have an answer. There really wasn't a reason not to go. After a few days reflecting on this I decided to go. It wasn't just that I didn't have a reason not to go but my life and schedule seemed to be creating a perfect situation for me to go, the right decision made itself obvious. 4 December 2014, I was baptized.

Not long before Zoe I didn't really believe in gifts of the Holy Spirit, the idea of speaking in tongues was very strange to me. It took some time but as I thought about it, I've had some unbelievable experiences, anything is possible. I became a believer in the power of prayer and pray everyday. As Zoe approached I began thinking that maybe speaking in tongues is a real thing but it'll never happen to me- I over analyze, over think and over complicate everything. I prayed to go into Zoe with an open mind and to get most from this experience. I listened intently to Pastor Kang's lectures and during one of the first lectures I stumbled across a paragraph that caught my attention. There it talked about the Holy Spirit and said that we must pray to receive it. And so I did. I prayed to receive the Holy Spirits and the gift to speak in tongues.

I have never been an emotional being. When I was informed my cousin a few years ago died I felt bad, but didn't cry. While in Afghanistan last year a team mate of mine died in a firefight, again I didn't cry. I was hit by an IED, was the target of sniper fire and crawled into direct fire after my gunner was wounded and incapacitated. At the time I only felt that this was just part of the job, I wasn't sure which emotions I should feel but they were there they needed to be put on pause for now.

My first day back on combat patrols my team was hit by a suicide bomber. A man blew himself up in an attempt to kill me. 2 friends of mine were showered in another humans blood and one received permanent hearing loss. My truck was covered in various remains. I needed to get out of my truck and secure the area. Photographs needed to be taken for documentation purposes including a selfie of me and some of the bomber. In retrospect, this is not one of my proudest moments. After seeing these images I just continued working, it just was what it was.

But at Zoe I prayed for the Holy Spirit, initially feeling very self conscious I went in front of a room filled with people I will see every Sunday screamed out the name Yeshua and prayed. In the room I knew other people were praying too but I didn't hear them. I heard me, and I heard those praying with me. I heard Raul and I heard Bob and Pastor Jo. But what I felt was an intense rush of emotion. Sadness, Joy, remorse, thankfulness...every emotion poured out of me. Out of my eyes, and out of my nose. Onto the floor and all over my face.

At the end of it I remember Pastor Jo looking at me, I was a mess, she smiled and said "Dustin, I think you did it". I went back to my seat still so awestruck it took my brain some time to process what happened. I completely submitted myself to God and received the Holy Spirit.

I have always had an aversion to churches, having visited some before I never liked what I experienced and often found the door as soon as possible never to return again. Church of Jesus has been completely different. I felt his shortly after entering MMC for the first time and got to meet some of the great people I not just call my brothers and sister but also my friends.

I left Zoe knowing I have truly been blessed and fortunate to receive His Grace. He has given me the strength to go many days without any sleep so that I may attend church on Sunday and church activities during the week and miracles so that I may be here today. I have learned to trust in him, follow him and live for him.

My name is Dustin Helms, thank you very much for your time. This concludes my testimony.