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Sun, Mar 21, 2021

God Will Not Surpass the Covenant

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God Will Not Surpass the Covenant
(Dt7:9-10; He9:15)

God is the God of covenant.
By the word of the covenant He makes relationship and
His covenant never changes for a thousand generations (Nu23:19; Ps105:8).

Faith is believing the covenant of God, the promise through the faith in Yeshua (Gal3:22) and
The life of this faith is keeping His commandment and holding onto His promise (Dt7:9).

All aspects of the human society such as nations, schools, workplaces, marriage, adoptions etc are
Made by contracts and sustained by them.
So when one breaks the contract that relationship is broken and the promise becomes nullified.

While the religious attempt to approach the divine following their own ways,
Unbelievers have no covenant with God (Eph2:11-13), thus no promise from God (1Jn2:25).
But the Christian faith is covenant faith that has God’s promise of eternal life.

The Bible is the Book of the Covenant (Ex24:7) which consists of
The Old Testament and the New Testament, the first covenant and the new covenant.
“In the beginning was the Word” (Jn1:1) is “In the beginning was the Word of the covenant.”
In the beginning, God decided to make covenant relationship with man.
While for the angels who left their proper position and dwelling
Judgement and punishment await (2Pe2:4; He1:5; Jude1:6),
For Adam (all mankind) who broke the covenant (Hos6:7), however,
A covenant would be made again to be reunited with God (Ge2:17, 3:4-6, 24).

Noah followed God’s covenant and built an ark,
Saving his entire family from the judgment by a deluge (Ge6:22), and
The rainbow was the sign of the covenant: there will never be another deluge destruction (Ge9:9-17).
Abraham received the promise of the increase of his seed (a father of many nations, many kings),
God would be the God of his descendants and they will inherit the land of Canaan (Ge17:1-8).
Circumcision was the sign of that covenant for generations (Ge17:10-14).

The exodus of Israel who had been servants (Ex2:24) was
The fulfilled covenant made with Abraham, after four generations, 400 years (Ge15:13; Ex12:41).
Inside the ark of the covenant of the sanctuary were
The words of the covenant or the stone tablets of the covenant (Ex34:28; He9:4) which became
The everlasting covenant of Israel (Ps105:10).
They welcomed the commandments established by the blood of the covenant (Ex19:8, 24:6) and
Observing the Sabbath became a lasting covenant (Ex31:16-17).

But God abandoned the sons of the covenant and destroyed them (Ac3:25) for
They made covenant with gentiles even though God forbid them (Ex23:32).
Yet, there was a prophecy of a new covenant (Jer31:31-34),
Made not on the flesh but in the heart by the blood of the covenant (Zec9:11), that
God will forgive their sins and remember their sins no more.

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,” because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of HIs body (Jn2:19-21),
He would set aside the covenant made with Israel in the name Jehovah
Through the blood of animal (He8:7-10), and
Establish a new covenant with all nations in the name Yeshua through the blood of the Son (He9:15).

As He shed His blood and died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), for
He fulfilled the first covenant and declared a new covenant:
1) To receive back His life He laid down His life according to the command (Jn10:18);
2) He judged the devil the origin of sin (Ge2:17, 3:4-6); and
3) Through His redeeming blood He gave the promised eternal inheritance (He9:15).

He resurrected and sat on the heavenly throne as the Lamb, the ark of God’s covenant (Rev11:19).
The Holy Spirit whom the Father promised (Ac1:4) comes to
Those born again through Christ’s blood of the covenant, the Spirit of adoption (Mt26:28; Rm8:15).
He lets them know the covenant of Christ:
Only by the blood of Yeshua they are forgiven (Mt26:28; Ac13:38);
Only by faith they are justified (Ac13:39);
In the name Yeshua they become children of promise (Jn1:12; Gal3:29. 4:28);
Their household and they are saved (Ac16:31); and
They will be taken to the Father’s house when Christ returns (Jn14:1-3).

The Christian, therefore, strives to not break His covenant (He4:1), and
As a worker of the covenant preaches the gospel and edifies the church (2Ti4:2; Eph4:12).
He perseveres whatever the test or the temptation, and waits to the end (He6:12, 10:36-37).

O Lord,
The Word of the covenant in the beginning…
This lowly life made for the covenant relationship with You…
What an honor! What a privilege!
So let us not be startled or despaired whatever may come our way.
Even if we are to lose everything, let us never let go of this covenant with You! Amen.
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