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Sun, Feb 07, 2021

God Will Not Surpass Prayer

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God Will Not Surpass Prayer
(Ps40:17; Mt6:5-14)

God is merciful and faithful (Dt4:31, 7:9).
When the needy cries out He helps and saves them (Ps72:12-13).

Faith is putting trust in God as the help for my soul (Ps146:5).
The life of this faith is obeying according to God’s command and praying (Jn12:50, 14:13) and
This is to receive God’s help in this life and to have eternal life in the life to come.

All religions are acts of pleading for supernatural protection for
When humans reach their limits they seek help for finding help in distress is most critical.
But Christianity is about obeying according to what the Word in the beginning commanded,
As God does not surpass prayer even though He wants to and is able to give all (Rm8:32).

Prayer is the act of telling (confessing) and seeking, especially seeking God’s help (Ps119:10) and
The history of the Bible is the story of humans crying out and God helping them.
The exodus of Israel from the toils of the slavery of 430 years (Ex2:23-25, 3:9-10) and
The leadership of Moses who led the people in the desert for 40 years (Ex15:23-25, 11:1-2) were
All possible by crying out to God.
The Law warned that God hears the cry of those who face unfairness (Ex22:22-26).

Hannah prayed excessively and received her son Samuel (1Sa1:13-17), and
Prophet Samuel who was born through prayer vowed to not sin by failing to pray (1Sa12:23).
Prophet Elijah, though a man, prayed earnestly and it did not rain for three years and six months.
Again he prayed and heavens gave rain (1Ki18:42-45; Jas5:17-18).
During his confrontation with the false prophets on Mount Carmel
He brought down fire from heaven and burned up the sacrifice
Testifying that the LORD Jehovah was God — all possible by crying out and praying (1Ki18:20-40).

However, when the stiff-necked people of Israel received rest they again did evil (Neh9:28).
When in need, they called for help from Egypt (Is30:7, 31:3) and
They were undecided for the faithful One, so the curse on them persisted (Hos11:12).
Yet since the promise to be heard if they in distress cried towards
The temple where the name Jehovah was (2Ch20:9; Ps18:6) remained
They longed for the temple to continue standing.

So when Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,” they were upset
But through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19-21),
Not in the name Jehovah but in the Father’s name Yeshua (Jn5:43)
He would raise the house of prayer for all nations (Mk11:17).
His public life was marked solely by prayer (Mk1:35; Lk6:12) and
On the last night He offered up prayers and petitions with fervent cries and tears (He5:7),
As His sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground He cried out (Lk22:43-44).
For the Father’s will to be done, He sought only the Father’s help (Ps27:7-9; Mt26:39-44).

As He died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) Died like a sinner according to the Father’s command (Is53:12; Jn10:17-18), committing His
soul into the hands of the faithful and merciful Father (Lk23:46);
2) Judged the devil the father of lies (Jn8:44; 1Jn3:8); and
3) Bore the sins of all men and said His last prayer for their forgiveness (Is53:12; Lk23:34).

He resurrected, ascended to heaven and sat on the throne.
To this day He prays for those redeemed by His blood (Rm8:34).

The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of supplication and intercession (Zec2:10; Rm8:26)
Gives the power to pray to believers so they overcome their weaknesses.

The Lord’s prayer is the format for prayer, that is, how one should pray (Mt6:9-13):
1) The receiver of prayer — the Father in heaven — sees what is done in secret so knows all;
2) The purpose of prayer — for the glory of the name Yeshua (Jn14:13); and
3) The content of prayer — for the expansion of the kingdom where Yeshua reigns as Christ and for the Father’s will that was done by the Son to also be done in me.

Therefore, the Christian makes a habit to pray daily.
To the heavenly Father he prays earnestly and truthfully, and he repents.
He prays both with the spirit and with the understanding (1Co14:14-17), and
No matter what, he does not cease to pray and does not give up for
Laziness, failing to pray is sin and it makes the Almighty God incompetent and unable.

O Lord,
Our Father in heaven!
My Father who gave birth to my soul in His blood,
Who knows all my destitution and infinitely helps…
I am poor and needy (Ps40:17, 86:1)!
Please give me and my family the Spirit of prayer.
Let us all cry out and pray! Amen.
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