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Sun, Jan 31, 2021

God Will Not Surpass the Name of Yeshua

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God Will Not Surpass the Name of Yeshua

(Eze36:21-22; Mt1:21-23)

God is the God of honor.
He cherishes His holy name (Eze36:21),
Made all things and works for His name’s sake (Is48:9; Eze39:25) and
Lifts up those who know and love His name (Ps91:14).

Faith is knowing the name of God and
The life of this faith is knowing His name as my inheritance (He1:4) and living for it.

All things have names for they were named by humans,
Even the gods of many religions in the world.

The Bible lets the holy name of God be known.
The name of God first revealed to Moses was
The self-existent One, Jehovah (Ex3:14-15).
The deliverance of Israel from their slavery was for the name of Jehovah (Eze20:9).

The Law absolutely condemned anyone who blasphemed the name (Ex20:7; Lev19:12) and
Anyone who did not listen to His words spoken in His name were punished (Dt18:19-20).
As such, Jehovah was the name of the God to be feared.

While the temple that God commanded to be built was elaborate and beautiful,
The process of entering there was complicated and strict for
It was the house for the name of Jehovah (2Sa7:13; 1Ki8:17).
When they prayed in its direction and
Confessed their sins they were forgiven and their supplications were heard (1Ki8:30-43).

However, because they put idols and other altars in it, and even the priests cheated offerings
Their kingdom, the city and even the temple were destroyed (2Ki21:4-6; Mal1:12).

Yeshua said, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days,” because
Through the death and the resurrection of the temple of His body (Jn2:19-21),
He would tear down the house for the name Jehovah, the name of God known to only Israel, and
Raise the house for the name Yeshua, the name of God, Immanuel for all nations (Is7:14; Mt1:21).

While Jehovah as the name “forever” (Ex3:15) and
The covenant made with Jehovah as an “everlasting covenant” (Ps105:10) were
All until the time of reformation (He9:10),
Yeshua is the name of God, the Word in the beginning (He13:8; Rev19:13).
He equated the name Yeshua with Himself (Mt18:5; Jn1:12).
He commanded baptism in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (Mt28:19) and
The disciples later baptized in the name Yeshua (Ac2:38, 8:16, 10:48, 19:5).

As He died, He said, “It is finished” (Jn19:30), declaring that He:
1) Submitted to the Father to the point of death and received the name above all names as His inheritance,
and every knee bows before His name for the name Jehovah has now been replaced
by the name Yeshua (Is45:23; Php2:6-11; He1:4);
2) Judged the devil who coveted the name of God (Is14:12-15; He1:5); and
3) Redeemed all men so that they may be called by His name (Is43:7).

The Holy Spirit came in the name Yeshua (Jn14:26),
To the church, the house for the name of Yeshua (Mt18:20).

By believing that the name God is Yeshua and calling on the name
One receives the right to become children of God (Jn1:12),
Forgiveness of sins (Lk24:47; Ac10:43; 1Jn2:12), and salvation (Ac4:12; Rm10:13).

The Christian is he who received the inheritance of the name Yeshua and
Does all things in the name Yeshua:
1) Baptism (Mt28:19);
2) Gathering to worship and praise (Mt18:20; 1Co14:26; He10:25);
3) Prayer (Jn14:13-14);
4) serving (Mt18:5, 19:29);
5) Laying hands, healing, speaking in tongues (Mk16:17);
6) Zealously doing the work of letting Yeshua’s name be known (Eze39:25; Ac4:17-20; Php2:10-11).

Although those who live for the name of God is hated by the world (Mt10:22)
To the end they never betray the name for
They long to have Yeshua’s name be written on their foreheads (Rev7:3) and
After death enter through the open gates of heaven (Rev3:8)
To see the face of Yeshua on the throne and be with Him forever (Rev22:3-4).

O Yeshua,
The name of God is Yeshua!
For You never surpass the name Yeshua
Let us from the moment we wake to the moment we sleep
Think of the name Yeshua and live by it.
Father, hallowed be Your name! Amen.
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